Nestled in the shadows of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, WoodMill Vineyard is surrounded by the natural beauty, tranquility, and charm of the rolling foothills of Vale, North Carolina. Each spring, the hills are brought to life as an emerald green canopy of
vines reach for the heavens and gather sunlight to
flavor the sweet southern grape known as the Muscadine. Recognized for their extraordinary flavors, Muscadines are notorious for producing exceptional jellies, desserts, and the popular but often elusive southern indulgence known as Muscadine Wine.

WoodMill Vineyard is approximately 1,100 feet above sea level and located on a plateau about 300 feet above and to the west of the piedmont region in North Carolina. The vineyard has a gradual northeastern slope, constant air movement, and good soil drainage. WoodMill Vineyard started as a ½ acre planting of approximately 100 vines in the spring of 2001 and has constantly grown year-by-year to now consist of five-acres and approximately 1100 vines. Primary Muscadine varieties include Ison, Tara, Dixie Red, Nesbit, and Carlos. Additional Muscadine verities planted mainly to support fresh fruit request include Black Beauty, Supreme, Pam, Doreen, and Scuppernong.

At WoodMill Winery, the Muscadine harvest is typically at its’ peak between mid-to-late September. Although, for fresh fruit gatherers, WoodMill Vineyard provides a select variety of Muscadines with a seven-to-eight week harvest window starting in early September and finishing in mid-to-late October.

We welcome customers to visit our vineyard operation, where we work year-round to grow the finest Muscadines possible for wine production. During harvest, follow the Muscadines from the vineyard to the winery and see how they become the heart healthy wines of WoodMill Winery. WoodMill always welcome visitors with open arms especially if you are interested in being involved in on-going activities at the winery or in the vineyard.

If you are interested in participating in day-to-day activities such as pruning vines, harvesting fruit, crushing grapes, or wine processing we strongly encourage you to contact us and schedule a time that will meet your needs and maximize your experience. As detailed below, WoodMill offers consulting services for serious parties interested in starting their own vineyards and/or learning about advanced wine making techniques.






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